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The Kinship Stories Woman

Effortlessly standing out, and comfortable with that. If you see her on the street, you cannot look away; her style, her feel and of course her jewelry..

Strong despite her fragility, she is confident and selfless at the same time.

An intellectual since her teenage years, she is an avid traveler. During her trips, she loves to talk to people, get to know them, and discover the arts and crafts they make.

Of the cultures she meets, she always keeps a memory -around her neck and in her heart.

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About the Maker

Formerly a journalist, and later an assistant professor of journalism and media studies, Yasmine Dabbous, PhD, found in this journey a better way to tell stories.

Dabbous is the founder of Kinship Stories and the co-founder of Espace Fann, a creative space in Beirut, Lebanon.

Her work is influenced by her multiple interests and rooted in interdisciplinary methodologies.

Her pieces mix culture and cultural studies with storytelling, collage and textile art. She has exhibited in various galleries and fairs in Beirut, New York, Washington DC and London.

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