Kinship Stories is a culture and art project featuring a line of precious tribal adornments.

Our one-of-a-kind pieces include vintage and antique materials, often of museum quality. We also experiment with fusions of old and new, adding our own handmade work to the mix.

Kinship Stories is committed to supporting local artisanship and fostering intercultural understanding of otherness.

The concept was developed by Beirut-born Yasmine Dabbous. A culture and media expert, Dabbous has a PhD in Journalism Studies, with a research focus on cultural studies and cultural history. Passionate about everything tribal, Dabbous conceives her lines as stories about the people, their beliefs and the skills they inherited from one generation to another. She hand-picks materials during her many travels across continents and cultures.

Certificates detailing these stories are provided with every purchase.

Kinship Stories necklaces have been exhibited at galleries and universities in New York, Washington DC, London and Beirut, as well as the Burning Man-Sotherby's auction in NYC. They were featured in Vogue, Vogue Arabia, Marie Claire, Fashion Trust Arabia, Female Singapore, Hand and Eye Magazine, the Burning Man Journal, Home Magazine, Raseef 22, Selvedge Magazine Newsletter, Al Hasnaa, Prestige, the Daily Star and more.