Customize Your Piece of Art

Would you like to create a piece that tells the story of your journey or your character? Or would you like to gift such a piece to someone you love?

Perhaps you want a piece that reminds you of a trip you took at one point in your life? Or one that celebrates the memory of a dear person? Maybe you simply want a piece with your favorite colors around an amulet that you own? 

We can do that for you! Gift yourself or your loved ones a custom-made, one-of-a-kind necklace with a story that belongs to you. 

Write us at and let us know all the details. We'll embark together on a storytelling and design journey that will materialize in a precious piece that you only own. 

The information you need to include in the email is the following:



-Favorite colors

-Favorite stones

-Details about the story, journey, meaning or person inspiring the necklace

-Preferred length: Collar necklace, short, long, very long

-Picture or pictures of anything you would like to include in the necklace, or that is of inspiration